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With corporate social responsibility now acknowledged as a basic requirement in the business objectives of any “premier league” operation. UK businesses large and small are looking for original concepts to engage employees and advocate for community issues through mutually beneficial charity partnerships.

With this in mind the month of March is always an exciting time for corporate business, and charities supported by them, when the shortlists for the Business Charity Awards are announced. The Business Charity Awards bring together an amalgamation of leading businesses and charities that project innovation and trailblazing as a means of facilitating best practice and achieving excellence, in a manner that other companies can emulate. This year the awards evening, presented by Third Sector in partnership with the London Benchmarking Group will be held at the London Marriot, Grosvenor Square Hotel on the evening of May 23rd.

Gemma Underwood, Director of UC (Underwood Consulting) commented “With 23 categories to aim at, big business and charities should find little difficulty in finding a niche spot to extol the virtues of the projects they are working together on. And at a time when businesses are coming under the microscope of the public eye more than ever before an evening celebrating the good works within the voluntary sector with the help of big business can only be a good thing. It looks certain to be a good night and we at Underwood Consulting are delighted to be working with a mix of different charities to help them analyse their offer and proposals to businesses, both large and small, to ensure such mutually beneficial charity partnerships can prevail”.