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Many providers identify tenders which are viable, compelling opportunities for them and acknowledge that not all existing business will be retained in the highly competitive health and social care market. Therefore bidding for new business is essential to maintain turnover. However, we understand a common problem for providers is having the time and resources to pursue new opportunities and submit high scoring tender submission – but that’s what we’re here to help with.
As experienced bid managers, with knowledge across the health and social care sector, our team work closely in partnership with your staff to enable you to respond to relevant opportunities and submit winning tender submissions that truly reflect your organisation. This can include managing the whole tender response, from expression of interest to submission or providing you with a range of services detailed below;
Method Statement Writing
Including interviewing staff and presenting in a concise, winning format.

Tender Readiness Service
Identifying the policies, procedures and evidence organisations need to implement and collect and the preparatory work they need to undertake to secure that all important contract.

Tender Project Management
Project plan development, resource coordination and management, progress reporting for each bid.

Tender submission reviews
Reviewing tender submissions, identifying areas of weakness and presenting suggestions for improvement.

Bid writing training
Training can be delivered to groups or on a 1:1 basis and will cover the essentials of writing strong method statements and the important preparatory work to undertake.

Tenders Accreditation 

Gaining certification from APMP in July 2017, membership gives Underwood Consulting access to a wealth of knowledge in bidding best practice. APMP is the worldwide authority for professionals dedicated to the process of winning business through proposals, bids, tenders, and presentations.

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Live Tender Opportunities

Underwood Consulting is offering help & support on the following tenders or any other Charity, Health and Social Care opportunity you are looking at.

Essex Community Wellbeing Service

East of England- Essex.

This tender has a contract value of TBA. The tender has a closing date of 08/06/2020.

Supporting People to Improve Their Health and Wellbeing

London – Enfield

This tender has a contract value of £1.3M. The tender has a closing date of 20/04/2020.

Essex Community Wellbeing Service

 East of England – Essex

This tender has a contract value of  TBC. The tender has a closing date of 02/07/2020.

Adult Carers' Advice Assessment and Support Service

East of England – Suffolk

This tender has a contract value of £7.7M. The tender has a closing date of 16/04/2020.

Cambridgeshire County Council Home and Community Support Services

East of England – Cambs

This tender has a contract value of £300M. The tender has a closing date of 31/10/2027.

Provision of Information, Advice, Advocacy and Support Services

London – Sutton

This tender has a contract value of  £7M. The tender has a closing date of 21/04/2020.

For more information on any of the above tenders, please contact us.

Residential Care Homes - Older People

London – Southwark

This tender has a contract value of between £3M – £15M. The tender has a closing date of 01/01/2025.

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